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December 01, 2014

Custom Packaging

Packaging is the art, science and technology of enclosing and protecting product for the sake of distribution, sale, storage and use. Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation and production of packages. When packaging is specified by designing as to customer requirement it becomes custom packaging.

For the purpose of custom packaging boxes, cartons, paper-bags and containers are used.

Nowadays these custom packaging objects are printed with artwork and company logo and name to give it beauty as well as identity. Packaging is important but today it is necessary to have printed and perfectly packaged products to have an identity with the customers.

Various types of custom packaging are P-O-P Display Packaging, Graphics Packaging, Corrugated Packaging and Industrial Packaging.

The custom packaging companies prepare various kinds of bags for different occasions, baskets, paper-bags, plastic bags, gift wraps, food service packaging, fabric bags and many more. These need to be very artistically and aesthetically designed.

Custom packaging boxes are of various types: for example shipping boxes, die-cut boxes, specialty boxes etc.

Shipping boxes are a cost-effective way of shipping your product. They are specially designed to reduce shipping damage.

Die-Cut boxes provide flexibility to design a custom made box to personal specifications, size, style, folds etc.

Specialty boxes are high-end boxes designed to customer specifications.

POP or point of purchase displays are meant for the products that are to lie on the store-shelves and have to catch the customer’s eye. They are an excellent way of advertisement.

Vinyl boxes or PVC are a high end product with an affordable price. They are usually used for products which can do all the selling for it e.g. candles greeting cards etc as the vinyl boxes are see-through.

Slipcases provide a durable, yet elegant package for any set of print publications or digital media. It consists of paper-wraps around a chipboard shell.

The design of the packaging is as important as the material. The artwork is designed to fit around the packaging so that it is good enough to create the first impression and superiority against competitors.

Hence it is very important for the sake of marketing that proper packaging with a proper design is selected for the product to be sold. It is also necessary for the safety of the product to have a suitable packaging. The packaging needs to be protective as well as eye catching.

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