NCR Forms Printing
December 03, 2014

NCR Printing

NCR stands for “No carbon required” or “carbonless forms”. They are an economical and less costly replacement of carbon paper that is used copy any original document that is hand written. It is usually f great advantage for business-men, workmen and anyone who needs to keep records and maintain receipts. It is used for forms like data forms, invoices, service forms, work order forms and many more.

A carbonless form can consist of two, three, four or five sheets with micro encapsulated dye coated on the top and middle sheets. The fronts of middle and bottom sheets have reactive clay on them. When something is written on the front of top sheet, micro-encapsulated dye and radioactive clay combine to instantly copy the exact image of the writing on the middle and bottom sheets.

NCR or carbonless forms are usually available as “loose” sets or in the form of “pads” where a number of sets are glued together on the edge to give convenience. There is also the option of having NCR forms with your company logo printed onto them which gives them and identity. It can also have the contact details.

NCR printing is not restricted to forms but has extended its area of action onto letters, books, writing pads, notebooks, registers invoices etc. This type of printing is also available in full color.

NCR or carbonless forms are shipped as 3, 4 and 5 part carbonless forms. A 2-part carbonless form can create one copy; 3-part carbonless form can create two copies and so on. They are offered in various sizes and colors. Some of them also include consecutive numbering, single or double sided forms, hole-punching services and shrink wrapping.

NCR or carbonless forms are one of the best ways to keep your sales, business records, services cash accounts, bids and estimates intact.

Nowadays latest technologies and latest tools are used to design carbonless forms. They are easy to use as you do not need to carry a carbon paper.

NCR or carbonless forms are much more precisely printed and would keep the recorded information free of carbon stains.

NCR or carbonless printing is a modern and very beneficial way to of having business documents copied in a cost-effective manner. In recent times, carbonless forms have emerged as a basic necessity for every small and large scale business. Around the globe, they are vital in sales of any kind of product.


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