Valentines Day Greeting Cards
February 06, 2015

So, what's an honest thanks to offer customers a glimpse at your business? Rack cards have had observe doing simply that. Paint an image of the proper Valentine’s Day gift on a rack card and you have got a simple sale.


Because of their size and form, rack cards solely have area for the foremost necessary data. This additionally makes them excellent to deliver a message with simply the short look they're generally given.


Focus on making a style with a photograph and headline that instantly capture attention and deliver your message. Then place them on the front table of your business, at grocery stores, doctor offices, hotels, restaurants, where you'll be able to capture attention for simply an instant.


Have a special Valentine offer? a brand new service? build that the central message. the rear will embrace additional data regarding the way to follow up. If the front is enough to capture their attention, they’ll take it with them and make contact with you once they get home and see it in their purse or pocket.


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