Custom Jar Labels for Food Products
January 15, 2015

With custom jar labels in hand, folks have many winter opportunities for canning. Whereas they will not be able to choose recent fruits and vegetables within the winter to will as they might in hotter months of the year, they still have varied choices offered to them. The National Center for Home Food Preservation was fast to notice that juice concentrates and canned vegetables area unit good for winter canning comes.

“There area unit recipes good for folks craving to will within the winter,” Elizabeth Andress, the director of the middle for Home Food Preservation, told the news supply. “You don’t continuously ought to will with recent fruits and vegetables. a number of those preserves conjointly create nice vacation gifts.”

A couple of nice ideas for winter canning comes embody creating orange jelly from frozen focused fruit juice and sauce with canned diced tomatoes and Serrano peppers. Not solely will this be a fun activity for folks stuck within the home, it conjointly helps them preserve their food and that they will even sell a number of their jars or offer them away as gifts – maybe as birthday or late vacation presents.

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