Square Stickers Printing by Printing View
December 31, 2014

All of our square stickers area unit written on white 120 gm gloss adhesive sheets. every sticker is kiss cut so that they area unit straight forward to peel off and area unit equipped to you on handy A4 sized sheets.

Once stuck down our self-adhesive labels can keep stuck Our straightforward on-line ordering method makes it straightforward to order your sq.

 Stickers. we tend to print sq. labels on our H.P. Indigo presses for superb colors and quality. there's no minimum order amount We offer six sizes of sq. stickers from 25mm x 25mm up to 80mm x 80mm.

In fact if you wish a unique size of sq. sticker then simply opt for custom size in our A size stickers class and insert the dimensions you wish. We conjointly sell A-Sized Stickers, spherical Stickers and Rectangular Stickers.

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