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January 14, 2015



Window stickers area unit nothing new. Since individuals have had cars, several motorists have used window stickers to push their values and send messages to others on the road. This will function some nice promotion for businesses on the approach, serving to these corporations gain some extra exposure by piggybacking off of the support of a number of their most loyal fans, World Health Organization love their brands enough to place window stickers on vehicles.

And, truth be told, window stickers could finally end up being staggeringly powerful as promotional assets. in keeping with American state A&M’s 2013 quality study, cited by The Atlantic, the typical person finally ends up payment as several as thirty eight hours p.a. stuck in traffic. That variety is even larger in huge metropolitan areas, with the typical commuter in la payment sixty one hours crowded up in traffic. With nothing else to try and do, their eyes could wander to alternative cars. A window decal could catch their attention, serving to to push brands, merchandise and services that they had ne'er detected of previous.

While individuals area unit payment less time stuck in their cars – the typical person spent forty three hours a year in traffic in 2005 – the very fact of the matter is that individuals area unit on the road rather more. whether or not a automobile is stuck in traffic, in a very public parking zone or just within the drive, the stickers connected to it vehicle area unit providing free promotion to anyone World Health Organization sees it.

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