Top Quality Coated Printing on Leaflets
January 09, 2015


 In years lapsed, recycled material was forever synonymous with a lesser quality within the printing world. whereas it absolutely was thought of sensible for the atmosphere and infrequently a less expensive various, recycled paper simply didn’t appear to fulfill the mark in terms of quality. These days, that couldn’t be clear of the reality. Of course, there area unit sure varieties of recycled materials which will not be entirely appropriate for your printing demand. But, on the entire recycled material has climbed up the standard ranks and isn't solely an excellent and inexperienced various, it additionally makes money sense.


Below we have a tendency to take a glance at a number of the simplest recycled paper solutions for your business and their environmental and printing properties.

9 lives fifty five Silk:

This paper is used for top quality coated printing on leaflets, business cards, folders, posters, letterheads and compliment slips. 9lives fifty five is FSC certified and is factory-made with fifty fifth recycled fibre content. it's a swish surface and is immune to ageing, yet as having a wonderful over all visual performance.

Cocoon 50/50 silk:

Cocoon 50/50 silk is one in all the recycled papers we have a tendency to stock here at Digital Printing. it's a coated recycled paper that's factory-made employing a altogether gas free method and is additionally certified as FSC. This recycled paper is of identical performance commonplace as non recycled paper, with wonderful standards in runnability, printability and achromatic color. Cocoon Silk additionally has associate exceptionally prime quality surface, that brings out the simplest in written pictures.

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